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Decent Market Spring 2020 Design Fair — Quick Links

We would love for you to join us at Decent Market this year.

On this page, you will find extensive event information to prepare you for our application process. Please read through carefully before applying.

Decent Market
Spring 2020 Design Fair

n Fair Flyer
n Fair Flyer
Sunday, May 31, 2020
10:30am - 7:00pm
$5.00 General Admission
$25.00 V.I.P.
All ages welcome.
Children under 10 admitted free.

Quick Links

Event Information

Decent Market is a large-scale design fair which exists to bring together a curated selection of over 100 emerging creators and brands from the Southwest United States and beyond for an unparalleled shopping experience.

We feature makers of the highest quality items including printed works, crafted works from wood, metal, and textiles, furniture, home goods, apparel, and accessories.

To enhance the shopping experience, we will have art installations, decor, live music, and printing demonstrations from partners.

Vendor Selection

Up to 150 vendors will be selected for this event.

The curation team considers many things when discussing applications: technique, skill level, quality, use of material, branding, website design, online presence, and price point.

Decent Market looks for work that stands apart from others in its category, is of the utmost quality, and is made to last. Ethical and sustainable practices at all stages of the production process are strongly encouraged. We seek work that blurs the line between fine art and craft, traditional and modern, and reflects larger trends while exploring new ideas.

Types of Vendors We Accept:

  • Graphic design & illustration prints / goods
  • Original artwork
  • Crafted works from wood, metal, textiles/fibers, ceramics, etc.
  • Furniture
  • Home goods
  • Apparel — independent brands and designers
  • Apparel — upcycled or curated vintage sellers (limited amount)
  • Jewelry & accessories (limited amount)
  • Cosmetics & beauty (limited amount)
  • Packaged food vendors (limited amount)
  • Food trucks (please email for information)

Types of Vendors We Do Not Accept:

  • Commercial resellers / multi-level marketing sellers
  • Sellers of goods which infringe on copyrights

Additional Vendor Information:

  • We do not restrict the price points that you sell your goods (we did previously). We will curate the market to include a wide range of prices of goods
  • We will accept applications from anywhere in North America
  • All vendors are responsible for paying Texas and Dallas County sales tax, and must apply for a Texas Sales Tax License through the Secretary of State. Additional information will be given upon acceptance.

Spaces & Pricing

There are several space sizes available for this market. Please refer to the table below for pricing information.

Pricing Table

Site Map

Space Descriptions

Indoor Space — 4 Foot Table

  • The 4-foot table is our smallest and most affordable option.
  • We will provide the table and one or two chairs. (This is the only option where we provide the setup)
  • All items for sale must be on the surface of the table ONLY. Space is extremely limited here, so off-table displays of any sort are not allowed.
  • You must provide a tablecloth or table covering.

Indoor Spaces — 6x6 ft, 6x12 ft, 8x8 ft, 8x16 ft

  • We only provide the space, marked along the ground.
  • You must bring your entire setup, including tables, chairs and displays.
  • Anything is allowed, as long as it is contained fully within your space.
  • 8x8 + 8x16 spaces will have access to power. 6x6 + 6x12 spaces do not.

Indoor Spaces — 6x6 ft, 6x12 ft CORNER UPGRADES

  • Corner spaces are available for an upgraded cost of $20.
  • Corner spaces are marked in blue on the Site Map.

Outdoor Spaces — 10x10 ft, 10x20 ft

  • We only provide the space, marked along the ground.
  • You must bring your entire setup, including tables, chairs and displays.
  • A canopy / tent is required. You must weigh your tent down with a minimum of 40lbs (10lbs per leg).
  • Anything is allowed, as long as it is contained fully within your space.

Advance Payment

Payment will be collected when you submit your application

  • Please choose the space offering that you prefer. Submissions will be juried and curated for each section by the Decent Market team.
  • If you are not chosen for your preferred space, you may still be accepted for a space at a different size. If so, we will refund the difference of the tiers.
  • If you are not accepted, we will notify you and refund your space fee in full.
  • There are no application or jurying fees.

Event Schedule + Load-in / Load-out

7:00am — Vendor load-in begins

10:00am — Vendor load-in ends. All vendors must be fully set up.

10:05am — Vendor meeting and group picture

10:30am — Market opens to VIPs (early access)

11:00am — Market opens to General Admission

7:00pm — Market closes

7:15pm — Vendor load-out begins

Marketing Materials:


Instagram Event Flyer

Instagram Event Flyer 2

Instagram Event Flyer 3

Event Info:

Please find detailed event information here.

Event Contact:

Main Contact:
Harley Barnes - 972-979-1633

Planning Ahead:

You will be loading in up to 1000 feet away from your space. We recommend packing your merchandise as easy-to-move as possible, utilizing boxes and containers. Dollies and carts are very helpful if you have lots of items to move.

Please prepare in advance for wind if your space is outside. There may be moderate to strong gusts of wind. The best way to shield yourself from wind is to purchase side panels for your booth. Otherwise, we recommend any light products on tables be weighted or taped down. You can also use crates and containers to hold your items. Also, ensure that your tent has adequate weights on each leg.

Make sure your phone and all devices are fully charged. Bring an external battery charger for your phone or iPad. You will not have access to power to charge devices.

Check all of your sales equipment (square readers, etc) and make sure they work!

If you accept payments via apps like Venmo and PayPal, it helps to create a sheet which lists your usernames/emails for these that you can quickly show to buyers during checkout.

If dealing in cash, make sure you have plenty of change.


Weather should be super nice!